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Best Practices to Follow When Looking For The Ideal Writing Service

Choosing the ideal writing service is no easy task, and that’s certainly not due to a lack of options. On the contrary, the large market set in place at the moment makes it difficult for you to distinguish between the excellent options and those wasting your time and money either through disappointing products or flat out scams.
This is where All Top Reviews comes to provide massive help. Our unbiased approach ensures that all our reviews are based on first-hand experience; we always pose in regular customers and place a typical order that allows us to evaluate the services provided by numerous companies on the market. The trust of students is crucial to our survival, so you can be sure that any information found here is accurate – this is the best habit to get into when searching for a solid writing service. Let’s have a look at some of our recent experiences.
  1. Grabmyessay
Grabmyessay proved to be an excellent choice on the market, as the college paper we ordered displayed the high-quality writing that we hope to see from more services in the future. Not only that but the resources used and ideas expressed on the subject that we chose made us believe that the company takes great care in assigning writers that are specialized in the field covered. Customer reviews seemed to echo our sentiments, as there were numerous mentions of high grades obtained as a result. Customer service was also very informative. All this comes at prices that are in the average range. Discounts are offered both for new and returning customers, with periodic coupon codes being available upon signing up for the newsletter.
  1. Affordablepapers
Unfortunately, there are not many good things to be said about this website. The paper we received was clearly not written by someone mastering the English knowledge, with grammar, word usage, and even spelling mistakes being quite common throughout the text. Customer service was also highly unresponsive, taking a lot of time even for basic tasks. Even though the prices are below average, it doesn’t change the fact that you are not given a useable product.
  1. Writeversity
There is more than one problem to be found here, with writing definitely being the most notable. The standard mistakes that you would expect from people lacking experience with the language were very frequent, making the content impossible to use. Even those areas that did not display such problems were very elementary – presenting it at a college level would only have served to bring laughter. Customer service was also of no use in addressing our issues, while the high prices come as the final straw towards a poor rating.
  1. Essaypedia
Between poor writing, weak resources and high prices, Essaypedia should be a name to avoid. The paper ordered displayed the already familiar problems seen at companies hiring cheap non-native speakers while advertising Ph.D. graduates. We did not find a promo code for new customers, with the only discount options starting when spending more than $500.
  1. Essayforme
Contrary to what testimonials would have you believe, the writers found here are among the worst you can find on the market. Our paper was in an unsalvageable state, as poor grammar, misspelling, incorrect word usage and simplistic sentences that would make even a high-school student embarrassed were to be found everywhere. Customer service turned out to be slow and evasive, up to the point where we had to drop any attempts of getting a refund. While it is not fraud or scam, this does not make it any less of a waste.
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