Stress entails the way in an individual`s psychology is affected by either or both internal or external stimulus. Generally, stress can arise when in individual encounters positive or negative experiences. When individuals feel stressed, their bodies usually react by releasing some hormones into the blood, which gives them more strength and energy to respond positively especially if their stress had been stimulated by a physical danger. For example, an individual acquires the courage and strength of moving away from the physical danger. Apparently, the body`s response can be detrimental if the stress is in response to an emotional aspect or stimulus and when there exists no outlet for the extra strength and energy. This paper pays high attention to the analysis of various causes of stress, the effects of stress to an individual, the contrast that exists between negative or bad stress and positive or good stress, as well as some prevailing common facts concerning the way stress affect individuals in the contemporary world.

Causes of stress
There are a myriad of factors that stimulate stress, ranging from emotional (such as being worried about job or family) to physical (such as the phobia of a dangerous aspect). Nevertheless, the core step of contemplating an effective approach of responding to stress is by identifying the factors that led to the occurrence of stress. Among the core sources of stress are not limited to:

Survival stress-this cause of stress arises when individual experiences fear after contemplating that something or someone may physically hurt him or her. in such as situation, an individual`s body responds to this danger by flight or fight. Precisely, an individual`s body responds naturally by releasing an extra energy so that the latter will manage to either fight (surviving the dangerous situation) or flight (escaping fully from the dangerous situation).
Internal stress-this form of stress arises when an individual feels disturbed by things that he or she can do very little if any about them, or when he or she feels disturbed for no reason at all. Apparently, this form of stress is one of the most forms of stress to contemplate and manage. In most cases, some individuals become addicted to some sorts of tense, hurry, as well as lifestyle behaviors that leave them feeling stressed. In other cases, these individuals go to the extent of seeking stressful situations and the resulting effect is that they feel disturbed by factors that are not stressful.

Environmental stress-this form of stress arises when an individual commence to respond to things that are around him or her that stimulates stress, such as pressure from the family or work, crowding, noise among others. An individual learns to deal with or avoid this form of stress by locating these environmental stresses.

Overwork and Fatigue-this form of stress after a prolonged exposure to the to the stressful factors and can take a hard toll to an individual`s body. It arises due to working too hard or too much at the workplace, home or school. Consecutively, it can also arise due to poor time management, especially when an individual fails to allocate time for relaxation. However, it is difficult to manage this form of stress since it is usually out of an individual`s control.

Effects of stress
Stress negative affects an individual`s mind and body. For example, an individual with stress can become sick, tired, and even fail to think or concentrate clearly. Prolonged stress may even lead to mental breakdowns.
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